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ETOA COVID-19 Financial Support Survey

Each week, ETOA and other stakeholders join a call with the European Commission to share industry insight and inform policy. We also contribute to bilateral discussion with UK government and other national bodies. 

Financial support mechanisms vary: some countries allowed business to receive money and supply detailed justification later; others imposed more up-front administrative requirements. Some provided prompt support to businesses liable to refund consumers under Package Travel regulation; others did not.

The tourism industry needs continued support: to argue effectively for public funds we need more data, and have designed a short survey to gather it. The results of this short survey are intended to do two things:

  • Map what worked, and what did not
  • Identify what kind of financial support would make the most difference for the next six months


Thank you for your time: industry insight is necessary to ensure that scarce financial resources are prioritised properly, and to build knowledge about good practice in emergencies.

Please feel free to share this link with industry colleagues, whether or not they are members of ETOA. More than ever, the industry’s inter-dependence is clear to see. It is vital that the entire ecosystem is supported so that it is able to return employment to the economy.